Hate at Work

Today I was at work like usual. I had basically just gotten there. I work in the ‘fast food’ industry. I helped a couple (regulars) and got down to the register when the woman asked if I was sick to which I replied no. Then she asked if I had allergies to which I again replied no. She asked me why my voice was lower than usual and I replied that it was my medication. Her husband paid for their food and before leaving the counter to go sit down she said that she didn’t know of any medication that would cause that so I told her that I was on testosterone. She’s like, “why would you be on that?” so I explained that I am transitioning into male. She looked at me like I’d grown 3 heads or something commented that basically she didn’t believe me then the couple went to go eat. When they were finished the woman came back up to the counter while her husband threw their trash away and she says, “And who is paying for all this? I know insurance doesn’t cover that”. I told her that my insurance covers my testosterone. She then says, “When are you going to start all this?” and I say, “Start all what?” She got mad at me and walked away. Her husband then walked up to the counter and told me, “You’re going to hell to regroup (I have an Air Force jacket that says this phrase) while I’m going the opposite place”.

I’ll be completely honest. I just shrugged my shoulders and acted like it was no big deal but really I just wanted to punch them in their face so badly. The woman that I work with caught what the man had said but not the woman and she was so pissed at how they treated me. After thinking about it I started to get pissed off also. Who’s business is it who or what pays for my transition? Why is that any of their concern? To tell me that I’m going to hell while he (while judging me) is going to heaven is rude, uninformed, and a million other negative things that I can not put into words right now. I texted my boss asking when is it okay to refuse service to someone and I told her what happened. She texted back that she was sorry for the couple’s closed-mindedness. She came in to work with some supplies and I told her they complete store (I had only told her that the man told me I was going to hell over text) and again asked if I could refuse service to which she replied that I could. In the almost 5 years that I have worked for this company I have only had to refuse service once. I get that people can be rude and disrespectful, it’s part of living is dealing with people like that but for someone to verbally attack me when I didn’t do anything to them upsets me so much. I have done nothing but deal with their stupid crap for almost 5 years almost on a daily basis. I am suppose to work a short shift tomorrow but I don’t even want to deal with them so I asked my co-worker if she would work for me tomorrow to which she agreed (thank the heavens).

This is the 2nd time since ‘coming out’ that I have encountered something like this but this is definitely the 1st of this magnitude of hatred. Since coming out I have had 3 instances where I have felt less than human because of someone being rude and disrespectful and/or insensitive about my transition. I tell people because I want to stop this type of behavior if I can. I want to educate them and in doing so I am opening myself up for this type of hate which I know, but it doesn’t make it any less difficult to have to deal with it especially when I am the type of person that thinks of so much that I should’ve said after the fact.

If you have dealt with this type of person drop a comment on how you handled it. Thank so much and as always, go out and make it a great day 🙂




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