Proud of myself

I am a 37 year old student taking online business classes. This is my 3rd semester and 2nd time taking an accounting class. Last semester I tried but I wasn’t understanding any of the material. I talked to my counselor about dropping the class and taking it again later but he said that I had a C in the class and I should finish it since I was still passing. I told him that I didn’t want to just “pass”, I wanted to excel. Today I took an exam in my new accounting class (different teacher, thankfully) and I earned an 85%. The best part? I knew and understood almost all of it! This made me very happy.

It’s always been hard to speak up for myself. I’m not an outgoing to outspoken person by any means (maybe that’s why I started this blog, plus my daughter always says that I post too much on facebook lol) so when the owner of my store came in a couple of weeks ago I asked about a raise. I didn’t get it on my last check so I asked again when he came by Monday and he admitted that he forgot but that he’d take care of it. Today when I got my check guess who got a $0.25 raise, this guy! I am proud of myself for speaking up and asking for what I wanted. I would’ve been okay with $0.05 or something so this blew my mind. Note to you: if you are soft spoken like I am, speak up for what you want in life, make yourself seen otherwise you will get overlooked as I have been for the past 9+ months. You got this!

As always, go out and MAKE it a great day 🙂




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