Tooth Problems

I’ve had a cavity in my front tooth for over a year now. Dentist had to wait for pre-approval from my insurance company before he could clean my teeth. He said he would look more at that cavity when I came in for the cleaning. Due to who knows what the request to my insurance was never submitted so I had to wait. He said this in December 2015 and when I finally remembered and contacted the dentists office about it in December 2016 they had to fill out the paperwork and send it in. It got approved so I was able to make an appointment for February 2017. While eating ham this afternoon that tooth in the front with the cavity broke in half and the broken part fell out. Dentist was able to fit me in today so that made me so happy. I was so scared that I would lose the tooth but was pleasantly surprised when the dentist said that since it didn’t hurt and that there was enough tooth left to build on it I got to keep it! The amount of anxiety I was having since the tooth broke (2-3 hours) was banished to the dark parts of my mind. It was such a wonderful feeling.

Sorry, just had to share.

As always, go out and make it a great day 🙂



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