Dysphoria is high today

I wore my binder to work today and still got called girl, ma’am, and miss. I hate that I am so large chested. Out of all my self perceived flaws that is the one that sends my dysphoria  into hyper drive.

I get home to do some homework and sit down at one of the tables in the kitchen to start highlighting important points in my textbook. Every single time I move my arm to highlight something my damn chest gets in the way and I end up pinching it. I just wish that insurance would cover the dissection of this body part. I don’t need it, don’t want it, hate it!!! I have the most hate for myself anytime I have to deal with these fat lumps on my chest. If I could cut them off myself I would with no second guessing, no hesitation.

Sorry for the depressing post, just felt I needed to write something and this has been bothering me for years (about 30 years now). Thanks for listening everyone.



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