With Trump as the American president there have been a lot of people saying a lot of different things. I do not argue, I do not hate, and I try not to let my emotions get the better of me. I have responded in anger but only when I feel that the person was trying to change my views of Trump into their own.

Being a man that happens to be trans I am generally open minded and accepting of everyone. It is only when one doesn’t respect me or my thoughts, feelings, choices, or actions. I may not always represent myself in the most classy way because try as I might, emotions do get in the way sometimes.

My request is this, if you or someone you know has a disagreement with someone please, try to converse in a respectful way. While you may not agree with them, that is okay. Don’t try to change their point-of-view or who they are. Find a tactful way to speak to each other. If you cannot do that then maybe you shouldn’t be talking about that subject.

Most people say they don’t know the meaning of life. I disagree. I think that it is love. To love others and live in a way that is deserving of love by treating others with respect while not losing your own self respect. There are billions of people on the Earth at a time. If we’re going to make humankind last through the ages then we have to start getting along. Harsh words from hurt or anger, emotionally, intellectually or physically harming someone is not okay. I repeat, it is not okay.

Go out and make someone else’s day great



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