While I would love to tell you that I am getting top surgery that is not the case. I have to have tubes in my ears (again) and I’m having septoplasty SMRS and bilateral something. Basically they are going to fix the nasal passages in my nose because instead of going straight up and back like they are suppose to they go off to the side basically making it impossible to breath through my nose. I find it sad that even though I’ve been seeing an ENT (ear, nose, throat) doctor all my life that it took until I was 37 to figure this out and to do something about it. I am scheduled to go at 6 am on the 27th. The next week to week-in-a-half is going to be go, go, go with little rest between the doctor pre-op appointment, another sleep study because they found I have sleep apnea and want to find the proper device for me, kids, work, school…ugh! Hopefully after the surgery I’ll be able to just chill for a bit without having to run here, there, and everywhere.

Hope you all are having a great day and remember to go out and make it a great day




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