The pain after surgery

After having septoplasty surgery to fix a deviated septum and tubes in my ears, again, I must admit that the pain is almost intolerable. It is now 2 days after surgery and it feels like I have the worst head cold known to man that just happened to get punched in the face while having that head cold. I heard a lot that it is just uncomfortable but not painful, they lie! My nose is so swollen that it hurts just to wear my glasses but I can’t see without them so I have to just deal with it. Tonight is my first class of the semester and I am not looking forward to it. Usually I wear ear buds so I can hear the instructor better but since my ears are in pain also I went and bought a pair of cheap headphones that sit outside my ear. I hope that they help without hurting too much.

I laid down for a nap after getting the little one from school but woke up about 45 minutes later because the inside of my nose was so raw and painful. The outside is raw and sore also because of the bandage and tape that I have to wear. I’ve tried putting on Vaseline but it isn’t helping too much. I would not wish this pain on my worst enemy, ever.

Usually, this is the part where I say, “Go out and make it a great day!” but how I’m feeling right now, I cannot. So I will say, “So far, I’ve survived and that’s enough for me today”.



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