Septoplasty Update

My nose is itching so incredibly badly today. I don’t even think that sentence made sense but at this point I just don’t care. The swelling is still making my teeth hurt and my eyes water but now the itching is terrible. I literally keep gently putting Q-tips up my nose to try and itch. The left side is worse than the right at this moment. I have part of the stitch hanging out my left nostril which is super annoying especially when I am trying to get my itch on. My ears are starting to ache a little but it’s manageable.

I should be doing homework at the moment but I just can’t seem to get into the study zone with microeconomics. Payroll accounting and personal financial management are basically done for the week already so I can’t even switch classes because it’s all done!

I should get at it. Hope you all have had a great day so far!



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