After the septoplasty

It’s been 1 week today since I got the stints out of my nose. The side that was bothering me the most after surgery is all stuffy and I can’t breathe out of that side hardly at all and the other side is slightly better. I’ve tried blowing my nose and sniffing but I get no relief. I am hoping beyond hope that the surgery didn’t make it worse. If that happened then I don’t know what I’m going to do. I can’t afford (couldn’t this time either) to miss another 2 weeks. I was only suppose to be out 1 week. I sent in my availability to my supervisor on the 6th (Monday). When I went in Wednesday (8th) to see when I worked next the supervisor told me that since I didn’t turn in my availability until Tuesday (when in fact it was Monday) that she didn’t put me on the schedule. I just sent her a FB message calling her out on it. There is no reason that she couldn’t give me hours this week. This girl has hated me since she started 2-2 1/2 years ago (I’ve been there 5) and I have absolutely no idea what I ever did that would make her hate me so much. I know that she is going to find any possible reason that she can to fire me. I wish I could get transferred to another location (like to the one where my old boss went to). Or even another job. I’m 1/2 way through my program at the university that I go to and I told my advisor that I wanted to be put into a work program where on my last term (August) I am put with a local company to learn more hands on about the career that I’ve chosen. I’m hoping that this way I will be able to get my foot into the door of a company or at the very least make some business contacts.  Wish me luck 🙂

As it is the end of my day I will wish everyone a great evening. Tomorrow, go out and make it a great day!



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