My youngest child’s father

My ex-husband does not know how kids are made apparently. I say that because is wife (girlfriend at the time) didn’t realize that she was pregnant with their daughter (she is now 2) until she was something like 6 months along. I don’t care that they had a child I was just upset because he barely pays child support for the 3 that he already had and I’d heard (just rumor from my ex-husband here, I don’t know the facts) that she was even worse at paying the child support on a son that was given to her husband (they have since become divorced, obviously). Since the birth of their daughter they have moved around 20 times in and out of 2 different states.

Anyway, to make that long story shorter…he told me the last time that he came to see our child (in December) that he wanted me to tell him when her spring break was. I told him last night when her break was going to be and he said he couldn’t come into town because he was moving, again. Guess I’m a bit confused about that one. He has his 2 year old there but he can’t take care of his 10 year old? I really don’t understand his reasoning and I would like to.  I would think that the 10 year old would want to help watch the 2 year old so he and his wife could move. Then again, what would I know. I’ve only had 2 kids for 10 years [1 of those years I had 4 kids including his 2 from his 1st marriage (I should explain that a bit…he marriage a woman that was already pregnant whom I was ‘friends’ with then we married. Then he got with a woman when we were still together and eventually married her. Now he is on wife #4)]. Man, I ain’t never getting married again. I will live with my future partner for the rest of our lives. I am not going through that ever again. I’ve been married twice. The first time was hell. The second time, I really, truly loved him and to be treated the way he treated me by running around on me all the time, I just couldn’t do it anymore. It hurt to leave but it hurt more to stay.

Anyway, enough of my complaining. Sorry you had to witness that but I thank you for reading it.

Go out and make it a great day!



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