Crazy Busy

I am so sorry that I haven’t written in way too long. Here’s a rundown of what’s been going on in our lives…

The oldest child is fixing to graduate not only high school but college also. I have been attempting to organize a celebration to commemorate the events. So much for cheap and easy! Of course she complained that she didn’t want any of this but I told her that graduation parties are mainly for the parents as a “You made it to this point without me killing you” kind of thing. Obviously, it’s more than that, but basically…truth. Since I never got one I guess I’m trying to make hers memorable. My parents went to my graduation (thank goodness because there was no one to watch my child while I graduated) then we came home and went our separate ways. Nothing exciting or memorable about it.

Also, her boyfriend and her best friends boyfriend are too old (they are both 20 and the school has a rule about no one 20 or over allowed at prom) so my daughter asked if she would like to go with her as friends and when the girl said yes my daughter asked if she could officially ask her to which she also agreed. Because of the way that she wants to ask this friend I have been running here, there, and every where trying to find pig balloons. Of course I found them. $13 a balloon and they are 40″ wide so I had to attempt to find a box that would hold them. No luck so I took existing boxes to make one big one. I got the sides together and that’s it. Told daughter that she’d have to finish it. Her idea, I think, is so cute. She’s going to put on the outside of the box (which will have wrapping paper on it) “I’ll go to the prom with you when pigs fly” then when the friend opens the box the pigs are going to fly up and out.

Last week a friend of my oldest daughter’s passed away in a tragic car accident and today was the funeral. I called her out of school so she could go. I knew that she needed to for closure and to say goodbye. There are 2 friends that I loved dearly that have passed away that I never got to say goodbye to and I wish that is all that I am that I could have. I didn’t want her to have those same feelings or sense of loss for the rest of her life.

School is okay. I despise anything to do with accounting. I took a test last unit and got a 0%. Who gets a 0%??!! I thought for sure I had it. I was very confident in my abilities and to see that discouraged me like nothing I have known for a long while.

I’m still under 200 pounds (barely) so I am happy about that. I quit smoking. The last cigarette I had was the 26th of February. When I told my transition  doctor that she said that the plastic surgeon had been waiting for me to quit for at least 30 days before he’d even consider taking my case to remove my chest so she sent him an email and now I have my appointment to talk to him about how he would like to proceed on April 17th. I am so beyond excited! I have a button pin that says “He, Him” on it that I wear at work and I still get called ma’am all freaking day long and I know that it is because of those stupid things on my chest that I can’t hide no matter what I do. Every day I wake up disappointed that they are still there.

Went to my parents house today and my mom kissed me on the cheek just like she always does and told me that I need to shave. That made my day. Then she asked if I was going to grow facial hair to which I replied, “Probably”. She sounded disappointed and I’m sorry, but I’m not her little girl. I am a man and if it means that I have to grow facial hair for anyone to take me seriously, I will do it without hesitation.

I need to get back to school work, I am so far behind. Hope to post again soon!







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