And they snapped…

jmoney Steck: FOR THE 3RD TIME YOU FUCKING INGRATE, HE DOESNT HATE U FOR BEING TRANS. God loves you and the problem with a trans person identifying as the opposite gender is that he made you a man and you were born with an illness that makes u think u are the opposite sex, that is a tremendous cross to bear one greater than any i have had to face in my life and he doesnt hate you for it but i dont blame the trans people for trying to change genders i blame the activist leftists that have made this illness an issue of civil rights.

Me: Oh, you poor, poor, misguided soul. I’ll pray for you πŸ˜€ and after that display of terribly non-Christian like language, I think you should also. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Yup, I love how they are “Christian” yet they speak to me like this. OMG, I’m rolling now.

UPDATE: This is how I replied to my own comment:

Me: My favorite part, they assume I was born a male!!!! Just love it when hateful Christian’s show their real colors. I know that there are Christian’s out there that support (or at least tolerate) people in my position and I love them for it. Then there are people like this apparent bigot. For all my trans brothers and sisters (and our allies), stay strong, be who you were meant to be, and don’t let anyone get you down. I love you just the way your are as does god. You are perfect just the way you are. Hugs!!

I do have a question though, why did they call me an ungrateful person?

More update:

Them: well its gotten to the point now where i cant argue with you anymore or i will break my laptop in half. I told you my religious beliefs and i got called a bigot because you have to attack my morality instead of my argument. I never said i hate you, and if u werent born male I am sorry for “microagressing you” but if u werent born male u were born female and then my argument still works just switch the genders. Sorry for using facts i know that offends you snowflakes nowadays.

Me: Yes, okay, whatever you say peaches. Next time you want toΒ call someone a name, try using something better than ungrateful. Go ahead and break your laptop. It doesn’t affect me at all…kind of like the way I live my life affects you. It don’t matter if I was born male or female, I am what I am. I did not chose this life. If you say that I did then I would love to know when you chose to be straight. Simple as that. You go and enjoy your anger, pray, maybe it’ll help all that hate (oh my bad, hostility) that you are spouting lol


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