Going to go postal here in a minute

Ms. Mojo (a youtube channel that I watch) did a video about transpeople and the truths about them (very informative). This is one of the responses I got (I posted about that couple at work that were rude as hell to me).

jmoney Steck: actually the church teaches that we are supposed to try and save people who are sinning. Trans people same as gays are sinning by acting on their urges. Now I’m not saying its a sin to be gay or trans. but ur not supposed to act on it, it’s your cross to bear.

Me: And that right there is the reason that I am agnostic. I used to believe in the teachings but after all the hate that I’ve seen, I realized that hate is not what a divine entity would want it’s pople teaching. Love is love. By hating and trying to change what “God” made, you are condemning yourself. Have fun with worrying about everyon else’s life when it doesn’t concern you one bit. According to your teachings, I’m going to hell so I guess I’ll see you there. If I get there first, I’ll save you a seat.

jmoney Steck: Again I must state, the church doesn’t HATE trans people they simply think that it is an ultimate cross that god has given them to bear and they must not take any action on their urges. also the trans people are the ones trying to change what god made them not me.

Me: You are right, the church doesn’t hate because the church is just a building. It’s the people inside the church that hate. You say that god doesn’t hate yet the book that you follow is all about hate. Religious people every second of every day are constantly putting other people down for their thoughts, feelings, and actions. You can’t tell me that a god that loves his children would be okay with condemning them to an eternity in a place like hell. I don’t believe that at all. You, and people like you, sit on your holy thrones telling people that they’re wrong and will suffer consequences for that. To that, with all due respect (which isn’t much because you are putting your nose in my business when it doesn’t have anything to do with you) go love yourself, repeatedly.

This person is pissing me off something terrible. I want to know where in that damned book it says that it is okay for a christian to pass judgement on another human being. Where does it say that “he” wants them to point out every single ‘sin’ to people that they don’t even know. Where does it say any of this? I have read that whole thing and I never did find that in there. Did I maybe miss it the 2 or 3 times that I read it? I really hate religious types getting that f****king god complex. Go worry about your own sins and let me enjoy mine!


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