Finals, Doctor’s and kids

This week is the last week in the semester and while normally I would be excited for it I am beyond stressed. I have payroll accounting to do and I have absolutely no clue what I am doing. I did some math and figured that even if I get an F on my final (which is likely) I will still pass….barely. I am scheduled for marketing and finance next semester so I’m hoping that I’ll do better in those classes.

Went back to the ENT this afternoon. Since I’m still having trouble breathing out of my nose the doctor is going to have me do an allergy test. Oh…what…fun 😦 Thankfully it’s not until next month.

Kids are doing well. Oldest one is due to graduate at the end of this month. Kind of sad but I know that she’ll do great. The youngest is fixing to finish their grade next month. My baby’s are growing up 😦 The youngest one has a 5k to run tomorrow morning. This is the 2nd one that they’ve done. So proud.

I should get back to school work (although I think I’ll nap instead).

Go out there and make it a great rest of your day!




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