Top Surgery

I got a call from the plastic surgeon’s nurse yesterday saying that they had sent in a pre approval or preauthorization in to my insurance and that it was sent back saying that no pre authorization was needed but that they wanted me to call them myself just to make sure. After a slight issue I was able to verify that the surgery to remove my moobs (man boobs) would be covered. Now I need a letter of recommendation from my therapist. No big deal, or so you would think. I called both numbers that I have for my therapist (needed to make an appointment anyway) and it says that I have reached a number that isn’t set up to receive calls. I know she moved but I thought that her number would stay the same. Now I don’t know what to do. I sent a message through what is called MyChart to the plastic surgeon telling him everything and to see if my psych doctor can make a recommendation for top surgery. Guess we’ll see next week. Going to be the longest week of my life I think.

Hope you all are having a great day. Until next time



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