Youngest child (10yo)

So, my youngest child made friends last summer and for a year now this child has been nothing but trouble. She starts verbal fights, makes up stuff that isn’t true and bully’s my daughter. Tonight was no exception. Tonight was the worst she’s ever been. She called my daughter yelling at her because she “told a mutual friend to go kill herself”. I know that she never said that because her and the mutual friend was playing within ear shot of myself. Then she sends my child a text that reads, “Then stop being mean to people and hahahaha were crying when you guys got in a fightHahahahahahaha”. I was going to say something to the kid but decided to bring her parent into it by asking if she could ask her child to stop doing what she was doing. Never got a response back but I’m assuming nothing was done. These parents let their children run around like feral children. During the summer they tell them to stay outside and that they aren’t allowed back inside until it’s dark. All day they let their 3 year old run around the neighborhood. The middle child is about the same size as the 3 year old, which has nothing to do with any of this just trying to show his size to show that there’s no way he could fight off an attacker. The oldest (the girl that I’m writing about) has a mouth and attitude on her that pisses me off to no end. Someday she’s going to say the wrong thing to the wrong person and she’s going to get herself bitch slapped or worse.

Sorry for going on a rant there but I had to tell someone. Even if no one ever reads my blogs I at least got it out.


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