Hectic, yet not, week

Worked every day this week which was nice. Got in a couple of workouts too so that made me feel good about myself. I am starting myself off with more weight than what I stopped using the last time I was working out which is awesome! In the last 8-12 months I’ve lost about 30 pounds (just over 2 stones). The best part, I only worked out for 3 of those months. Between the kids, their school, my school and work for myself and the oldest I didn’t make time for it but now I am trying. I admit that I’d rather sleep after they go to school instead of going to the gym before work but I’ve made a real effort to get out there and be active.

I went to Walmart to try and find platter trays for the oldest one’s graduation party but couldn’t find anything like it. I was able to get plates and some cups. Talked to my mum about borrowing some ice coolers to store the drinks in ice today. Also, I stopped by my job and dropped off my order for the food. While her party isn’t for another month I want to make sure that everything is set up and ready to go so all I have to do is pick it all up. And I just remembered I forgot what type of bread to have the sandwiches put on. I’ll do it Sunday when I go in. I’d write myself a note to remind myself but then I’d lose the paper so I’m hoping that I’ll remember.

I have a bit of a headache this evening so I think I’m going to go and lie down for a little while. I hope you all have a great rest of your day.



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