Work stresses

So, I work at a ‘fast food’ restaurant. Since getting this new manager a few months back (she was a miss know-it-all before given management now she’s a nightmare). My little one’s temperature went from 99 degrees to 101 in just over an hour and she’s been having…ummm, bodily function issues, most of the afternoon. She can’t go to school but I have a lunch shift tomorrow. I took initiative to try to contact everyone that I had phone numbers for but ran out of people. I texted her asking for the new people’s phone numbers (we have such a huge turn over rate since she became manager that I don’t have numbers for the 2 new people she hired) and she gave me a partial number for one of the people. When I asked for the whole thing  she gave me the area code then basically told me to f**k off because she was having her birthday dinner and now she won’t answer any of my texts. I finally ended up texting the owner of our store telling him what I’ve tried and asked him if he had any suggestions. I really don’t want to leave my little one home by herself when she’s sick. She’s old enough but when your little and sick you just want your mommy. The only people I know that don’t work are either too old (love you), too pregnant (love you), too far away (love you), or have no patience (love you). If I have to go in tomorrow I will definitely tell my boss where to stick it the whole time that I am there and that I hope she had a shitty (sorry for the language) birthday. That is part of being manager…MANAGING! I am sick and tired of her. She acts like she’s better than us, has hated me since day one and I have no clue why, she refuses to work weekends (which the owner is none too happy about), and gets pissy when she has to work when she’s not scheduled (which has happened MAYBE twice). The last time she came in she was sure to tell each and every customer that she wasn’t supposed to be there and that she was having to work a 10 hour shift (it was a split shift). I wish to everything that is holy (in whichever religion you may believe in) that I could either get rid of her as a manager or find another job that worked with my schedule. Obviously, nothing is going to just fall into my lap and I have been looking a little, probably not as hard as I should be, but there isn’t really anything out there for an overly qualified (so I’ve been told) person like me. Ugh!!

Now that I’ve been thoroughly dark and dreary and whiny, I’ll throw a little happiness into this blog. While it may not seem like much it is to me so I’d like to share it with all of you wonderful people. As you may or may not know, I take online college courses for my associates in business management. I have this term (which just started last week and is 10 weeks long) and next semester to go. Normally, I am working up until the deadline (Tuesday nights) to get my work done for that unit. It is Sunday and I have one 2-3 page paper to write and then I am done with this unit’s work! I am so proud of myself that I had to toot my own little horn there.

While some days may seem dark and dreary try to find at least one good thing in your life. It will help so that you don’t feel so panicky and depressed. Go out and MAKE it a great day!



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