Teen attitude

The oldest comes home. I am already in bed but hearing her I got up. She had put Christmas lights up in her room even after I told her not to (because she’s been talking about moving out and in with a friend, her boyfriend, and their 1 year old son). She had printed off the pictures on her phone last week and given me permission to make copies. I had them in piles (my pile, done with pile, to copy pile, etc.).  She had taken all the piles and put them together. Obviously I was upset because I’d put a lot of work into making those photos and, in my mind at least, common sense would suggest that if pictures are in piles then there is a reason for it. I picked up the photos, roughly but not harshly, got through 2 pictures when she starts yelling at me telling me that if I can’t be nice about it then I can’t have them back. Calmly, I put them down on her bed and said fine. As I am walking out her door she yells out, “This is why I’m never fucking home!”. In response I said back, “Then move out”. I went to transfer money over for her half of the bills (her car payment, car insurance, etc.) and I transferred $40 extra to help with the hundreds that she owes me that I’ve reminded her about but never get back (even though she expects me to pay her back ASAP) and she yelled at me again. I asked her when she would pay me back and she said, “When I feel like it”. When asked when she’s moving out, “When I feel like it”. Yeah, we’ll see. I told her growing up that if she’s not in school then she has to provide for herself in her own home. I meant it. She is so much like her father hoarding her money and thinking she is entitled to stuff. I say this because she informed me almost 2 weeks ago that she is taking our long couch when she moves out because it’s ‘her couch’. No it isn’t. It’s mine. This is just like when ‘Santa’ wrote her a note saying that the FAMILY was getting a dog. Now, he is her dog because in her 3rd grade mind Santa gave him to her. You know what kid, that’s fine. When you get an apartment don’t forget to pick up your dog and pay for his food, his medications, his vet bills, his grooming, and anything else that may come up with him. And do this on top of your rent, utilities, car payment, gas for that car, car insurance, food, medical insurance, and all the other things you’ll have to pay for because you’re an adult and think everything is yours!

I am at the end of my rope with her. She failed her CNA test by 1 point so now she doesn’t want to retake it. For the last month+ she said she wasn’t going to take it. Now it’s, “I don’t remember anything” after I told her for the last month+ to take it before she forgot any of it. But no, I’m just the stupid ass parent that knows nothing. Love my kids but can’t stand them sometimes. Call me a bad parent, don’t really care. When you have a child yelling at you or doing anything that I have mentioned earlier logic goes out the window as does the ability to deal with their stupidity. It’s whatever.

On that last annoyed thought, I hope you all have a good rest of your day. Tomorrow is Memorial Day and I hope you all get to have an amazing day.



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