In one of my classes we have to do a group assignment. I hate working with other people. Have never liked it. It causes a lot of anxiety and strife for me personally. One person took lead, there’s always that one person that likes to push people around, which is fine with me because I am not that person. I was given an assignment that has to be 3 pages long and she’s giving me until Sunday by 1 pm (EST) to get it done. There is no way especially since I work all day and into the evening on Saturday! Totally stressing about this assignment. It’s worth 100 points and it’s a do or die type of assignment. Thinking I’m going to die. We were given an option to chose between like 7 different companies and the ‘leader’ said we are doing a specific company on the list. Didn’t even ask our opinions. I really hate pushy people.

The first two units of this class I got points taken off for my discussions because they weren’t long enough (have to be 100 words each) and was “missing information”. I told the instructor that I refuse to put ‘filler’ into my discussions just to hit the 100 words. He said that was fine but that I was missing information. I went back to look at the “missing information” that he had suggested and it was already in the discussion post that I had put up. It’s whatever. I have discovered that I hate finance, accounting, anything to do with math really. Should’ve tried for something else. I’ll just get my AA and then try for something else that I’ll actually like, if there’s anything. Sorry but I am really depressed because of this whole ordeal.

Tomorrow’s a different day and hopefully I’ll be able to have a better outlook on it in the morning. Going to take my own advice and go and MAKE it a great day!



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