Top Surgery

Top surgery is set for July 25th. The nurse contacted me through an email service that the hospital uses because an opening of the 26th of June (just two weeks away) opened up but she never got my YES answer so I have to wait until the July appointment. I am so impatient for this to happen. I have a lot of concerns though. My oldest is never home, my mom stays with my dad and I have no friends that can stay with me to help take care of me. I just watched a YouTube video from a guy that had it done and he said that he couldn’t even brush his teeth or push his pants up or down because of the limited mobility. How am I going to do all this by myself? My little one is going with her dad because I don’t want her to see me in that kind of paid. Plus, she is 10, she shouldn’t have to help take care of her parent after surgery. The guy I watched at least had his wife and mom to help. I’m sure I’ll figure out something but until then, I worry. I’m not worried about the surgery at all, I am actually very excited and impatient. It’s the after care that I worry about. If any of you readers have any ideas I am willing to listen to and taken them into consideration.

As the night draws near I want you to each think of 1 thing in your life that is going well and thank whomever it is that you talk to on a semi-regular/regular basis (God, Buddha, Allah, etc.) for that blessing. Mine is this top surgery. Some guys have to wait years, if ever, before they are able to get top surgery. Thank you to everything that is holy that I am able to have my insurance cover this surgery. I can’t wait to be able to go just one day without wanting to physically cut off that part of me because they are the ugliest things about me.

Go out and make tomorrow a great day (unless you live in an area of the world where your Saturday is just starting then go out and make today a great day)!



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