The oldest child’s graduation party

Today was my baby’s grad party. It got off to kind of a rocky start. I wanted to be at the venue by 9 am but didn’t get there until 9:45 and the party was suppose to start at 10 so I sent out a facebook message on the event page explaining the delay and asking everyone that was invited through facebook if they would please wait until 11 to come. Luckily my uncle and his girl friend showed up on time so they helped me set everything up. My daughter and her boyfriend helped also which was amazing. I am so grateful for all the help that they helped put into this event when they didn’t have to.

While setting up I realized that the balloon arrangement that I had ordered 3 months ago was no where to be seen so I asked the people at the venue if the arrangements had been sent to another room. Ended up calling the balloon place. Turns out that the guy that made the arrangement had a family emergency and forgot that they needed to be delivered today by 9 am. Got them to deliver them around 12:30 (event went until 2 so I wasn’t really upset, just happy they got there). The lady was so nice and set them up for us. If you can picture it I’ll try to explain them to you. Dark blue and white balloons spiraling upwards where they meet a large (about 2 feet by 2 feet) white balloon that has more dark blue balloons inside of the large white balloon. It was such a beautiful arrangement.

I got catering from my job so we picked that up this morning and the ladies did an amazing job getting all that together and looking beautiful. There were so many things that I had gotten for the party that I couldn’t find and that made me upset but it all worked out quite well. One thing in particular were these cute little caulk board things that I was going to write the different sandwich meats on and put next to those sandwiches that correlated with it but couldn’t remember where I put them. It all worked out amazingly though. There was so much food left over (a lot of people that RSVP’d never showed up) so I was able to send some food home with my sister to help feed her and her husband because they’re having a difficult time lately. I had bought so much soda but could only find about 5 2-liters so I bought more (forgetting I had already bought a lot). Unloading my daughter’s car I found them so we had massive amounts of soda to give away and bring home.

After a little bit of drama my daughter’s father and his girlfriend showed up. Basically, he (Bob) said he couldn’t come because his girlfriends’ mom (Barbara) was in the hospital. After her sister (Amanda), brother-in-law (Andy), and niece (Andrea) showed up we found out that Barbara has been in the hospital since Tuesday, it’s now Saturday, and that Andy had called Bob’s girlfriend asking where she was she said she was on the way to the hospital to visit Barbara. Said Bob was at home. Andy then asked why she couldn’t drop Bob off at the venue to his daughter’s graduation party since it was on the way to the hospital. Long story short, she got angry with him and hung up. Shortly after that, they showed up. This is the only school function that he has ever gone to. When asked why he didn’t go to her actual graduation he had said it was because he wasn’t invited. She invited him on several occasions and even reminded him about it and all he did was come up with lame excuses on why he didn’t go. I wish that she had a father that was there for her, cared about her and truly loved and supported her. I understand that she wants his love and attention but sometimes I wish, for her mental health, that she would just cut ties with him. She’s always the one reaching out to him so it wouldn’t be difficult but what ever her choice is, I will support her 100%.

My goodness, this is really long. Sorry, I didn’t mean to make it this long.

Hope y’all made it a great day. I sure know I did. Long and tiring, but great.



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