Been awhile, sorry about that

So, I’ve been swamped with homework. My top surgery is on the same day as the ending of the semester so my professor’s agreed to allow me to work ahead so that I am not pressured all at once.

The little one went to her dad’s for 7 weeks so that she doesn’t have to see me in so much pain. The dog is going to stay with my parents for a month because I know I’m not going to be able to take care of him like he needs.

The house is an absolute mess so after work tomorrow I get to work on that.

Plus side of my day, I just ordered a crap ton of vap juice if your interested. I love this store because when they can they send me samples with my orders, they’re cheap as hell (they ship internationally also!) and it gets delivered right to my door. In love!

The oldest one’s graduation party went well. Only had about 30-35 of the 200+ that we invited show up so that’s kind of depressing. Her dad showed up (after he was yelled at over the phone by his in-laws that showed up…story time another day).

Nothing else to report. We’re pretty boring (just the way I like it).

Hope you all went out and made it a great day! I sure tried.



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