Am I “That trans guy”?

I went to a cookout at a friend/co-workers family’s place tonight and her brother was talking about a kid and to make sure she knew which kid he was talking about she said, “That (insert ethnicity here) kid from down the road?”. That got me to thinking, am I known as “that trans guy” instead of just “Chris” or “Christian”? 

While I am transgender that isn’t who I am. I am a person first and foremost. I am alive with thoughts and feelings, disappointments and failures, hopes and dreams. I am, simply put, me.  I am no different from that kid down the road. 

On that note, I was able to see a lot of fireworks this evening with my friend and her family with good food and good conversation. Never a dull moment which is good because I’m pretty shy my first few visits and when they’re shy too it makes for some awkward silences. 

Stay safe tonight my American friends and happy fourth!



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