Do I need better negotiation skills

At work there was a guy listening to music on his phone and I asked him to turn it down (usually I’d have asked him to turn it off but liked the music). I explained that it was difficult to hear the customers ordering as he was sitting at the table directly in front of the ordering area. He said he didn’t need to and wasn’t going to and that if it had been Willie Nelson I wouldn’t have asked him to do that. I said, “That’s not true because I’d tell you the same thing and I don’t even like Willie Nelson. And for your information I actually like that music”. He started yelling and carrying on and I said that if he wanted to continue talking like that then he’d have to leave. He went off about how I couldn’t make him do nothing. I called my manager and she said to have Walmart security escort him out. Walmart won’t because we aren’t Walmart and I told her this so she had me call the police. 

I was walking past the door greeter of Walmart to use the restroom when he asked me what was wrong so I just said that the man was being very difficult and that the police were on their way when the man came out of my work asking me what lies I was spreading. I just walked away to the restroom. 

When I came back the door greeter said he told the man to calm down or he would have Walmart security escort him out (he and I both know they can’t) to which the man replied that he wasn’t scared of them and didn’t wouldn’t have to listen to them. 

The woman that he was with ordered and they sat back down. I had gone into the back room and picked up the phone and pushed redial. I was going to tell the operator not to have an officer come out because the guy had calmed down but when I put the phone up to my ear and turned around the officer was already talking to the man. I figured that I would tell the officer in person. The man asked the kid I was working with for change (two 5’s) from his $10 bill after the kid shut the drawer. We’re not allowed to give out change because we only have so much in our drawer at any one time so I told the kid we couldn’t give change (belligerent man had walked away) and the kid said he knew. Drawer gets opened again and kid is fixing to give man the change when I said that I was sorry but we’re not allowed to give change. He starts yelling that he just wants to give the kid a $5 tip and I said that we’re unable to because we only have so much and he started yelling bullshit. I grab his $10 and say, “Just this once” and make change. He starts yelling that I was just saying that because it’s him and it’s not store policy when I interrupt him and say that I’m just following the busines’s rule because it is, in fact, store policy. He starts arguing so I give up and walk away.

Then the guy started getting angry with the officer and yelling at him. The officer told the man, “You need to stop talking. You’re talking too much”. By this point just about all the customers fled the store because the man was being so rude. During this whole exchange (with me and then the officer) the man used such fowl language that I was embarrassed for him. The officer had his hand near his stun gun and I understood because if the guy kept up talking to the officer the way he was and standing in the stance he was then he would find himself in jail real fast. I didn’t want this for the man. I just wanted him to leave. Maybe he was having a bad day I don’t know but getting arrested would’ve would’ve made that bad day turn into something far worse.

By the end the man is not just escorted out of the building by the officer but I had him banned for life. If he had just gone peacefully then he could’ve come back but because he fought with me so bad and then had no respect for the police officer, I don’t ever want to see him in my store again. 

I get how I’m “just a fast food worker” because people treat us like shit all the time (which in no way makes it ok) but for one to raise their voice and be disrespectful to an officer when he just asked what happened then told him to leave, I’m not okay with that. This officer treated him like a human by asking for his side of the story first. The officer could’ve come to me first but he gave the man the curtisy of telling his side first. He wasn’t rude with the man until the man’s wording started to get disrespectful. 

I get that there are cops that are on the wrong side of the law but this officer was not. Those men and woman should be given respect. In the last year or so I have seen people become so much worse than I’ve ever seen them before in regards to other human life. Yelling and screaming, fighting, assaults, shootings, the list is endless. When’s it going to stop? Why can’t we just sit down and use our words? Why are we so inconsiderate for others? 

After the man left I made the rest of the day as good as I could. Didn’t lose my happy attitude and just kept doing my job. Part of me wonders if the man cooled down and moved on. Hope he’s okay.

During this ordeal the man kept referring to me as female. Out of fear I did not correct him. I don’t know if it would’ve enraged him more but I was not willing to take that chance. Hours later walking out to my car I was afraid that he had come back and was waiting for me. All the way home I was worrying also so I stopped to get ice cream instead of going straight home.



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