Every trans person’s struggles and fears

I came across this in a facebook group that I belong to. I do not know the original author so I cannot give credit to him (I know the individual that reposted it said the original author is male)…

I don’t know if anyone has ever told you this but being transgender is hard. It’s not all sunshine and roses, filled with transition photos and achievements.

It’s staying up in the middle of the night replaying all of your thoughts and fears. It’s deciding which bathroom to use while in public. It’s having to out yourself to medical providers, lovers, new friends, coworkers and often, everyone you meet. It’s answering questions about genitalia, “how and when I knew” that I’m trans. It’s losing your loved ones, being viewed as a sin, a freak and circus show.

I’m not your fetish, your experiment, your experience, your willingness to try it out. It’s looking at your parents in their eyes and seeing their disappointment. It’s the acceptance by your friends, who, meaning well, thinks your transition is cool so they tell everyone about it.

It’s the confusion dating women, when they get concerned that they will be a lesbian for dating a trans man. It’s dealing with the pit in your stomach when you have to show ID, and your appearance and name don’t match the documents.

It’s the painful surgeries and the financial blow of affording the medical care needed to transition, to feel comfortable in your own skin. It’s about being stuck in the middle between your birth sex and your authentic gender. It’s going through puberty all over again but this time in lighting speed, with no guidance but your own personal experience.

It’s the rushing to the mirror in the morning hoping to see your outer reflection match the person you know to be on the inside and being disappointed that the process is slow.

It’s not even so much about others acceptance as it is the struggle to love yourself when the world tells you otherwise. It’s building a support network through social media to replace the lack of acceptance from those you love.

So next time someone objectifies a trans person, thinks it’s a fad, just remember this person has fought long and hard, against obstacles you know nothing about, while dealing with the same daily stressors as our peers, just to become the person we’ve always known ourselves to be.

Be kind and gentle to one another, because everyone is fighting a battle that you know nothing about.

This is what trans looks like, this is trans life

~Author Unknown


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