“Friends” (note: vulgar language)

On Facebook when it says you’re still friends but you can’t see any of their posts or friends list you know they half ass blocked you but want you to think that they’re still your friend. 

So, this happened to me recently (figured it out yesterday). I’ve been friends with this guy for years, YEARS! 

I text a mutual friend (that I introduced) that said Just in case he says anything, I’m done with ****. He blocks me to were we r friends on fb but makes it so I can’t see any posts or friends. That ain’t a friend he’s just using me so I give up on him, he hasn’t changed at all. Followed up by: Okay. The only thing i have to say is that it might be more of a protection issue. The last i knew i had mine blocked so my friends cannot b viewed. He also hasnt posted anything since his surgery day from what i see as well. 

Note that he had posted a lot of stuff before his surgery which was last Wednesday and I told her that I couldn’t even see those to which she replied: I dont really care and i am not defending him by any and all means. There is only a few that i can see posted on his page as well. Also..go to my page. I have everyone blocked from seeing my friends. Only i am able to view them. It is a privacy setting. If that is an issue i feel i should b in the same situation is all i am saying. I have had that blocked for a long time. Really?! I was the one that introduced y’all and then after I broke up with him (yes we dated for almost a year) I told you what kind of person he was and he even proves it to you himself! Thought I’d give him another chance because he said he’d changed after getting out of prison and now after everything you go and defend him! Fuck you, fuck him, fuck the stupid ass situation I seem to ALWAYS get myself into, and fuck life!

A very pissed off Christian


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