Freak out moment

My doctor decided to use drains with me after my top surgery yesterday. I stayed over night because I didn’t have anyone to stay with me for 24 hours (I did but I didn’t want to burden my mom and dad).

When the nurses bled my lines and dumped the bulbs I paid attention. When the nurse went to show me how to do it I asked if I could do it and did so without any problems, she even mentioned that I did a better job than she did lol). Tonight I went to bled the lines and the left one went great but the right side felt like the fires of hell were under my bandages and in my body. I called the University and talked to a doctor. He said that this feeling is normal especially since I just had surgery yesterday morning but to keep an eye on it and watch what is coming from my body to make sure there’s no infection. I thought I was going to die for a minute there.

Other than that little freak out I haven’t had any problems (knock on wood). No pain, just uncomfortable because the bandages are so tight, especially around my ribs. I brushed my hand across the bandages and can tell where my nipples were placed because of the extra padding there. They seem to be placed perfectly. I am so excited to see the reveal! I have to wait until the output is less than 30 cc from both sides before I can make the reveal appointment. Ugh, that’s so far away!

I have been sleeping a lot but I’m sure that is just the pain medication that they put me on. When other guys said that you should have a stool softener wasn’t lying! It got to the point that I went to the restroom and thought, “This is it, finally!” only for ‘it’ to say, “Syke! Not yet!”.

I keep trying to move my arms about and walk a little so that I don’t get too sore or have blood clots in my legs. I’ve noticed that I stoop a little and I’m trying not to do that because while it feels better now, it’ll hurt later and I don’t want to ruin my already bad posture.

I think that this is long enough so I’m going to say goodnight to each and every one of you. When tomorrow comes, go out and make it a great day!









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