The aftermath

2 days post surgery I’m feeling good. Still little to no pain so that’s a plus. Doctor’s office called me to make a follow-up appointment to check my bandages at that time and hopefully get the drains taken out but that depends on how much is still draining at that moment. Day 2 I am draining 30mL on left side and 40mL on the right. I’m hoping I put that in right. I know that the right side is draining a little more than the left.

Because I am a big guy (5’3″ 196lbs) my bandages keep bunching up exposing the stitches on the right side under my armpit. The bandages are so tight under my armpits that it’s really starting to hurt. At first it was just an itchy feeling but now it’s a dull ache that’s getting worse by the hour.

It’s only Thursday and doctor wants to see me Monday so I’ll wait. A lot can happen in that amount of time (hopefully nothing terrible).

Go out and make it a great day!



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