Like father like daughter

Little background: my first husband was all about money. His money was his money and my money was his money. If at any time I had to borrow money from him he threw a hissy fit until I paid him back, yet when he owed me money…well, I’m still waiting 17+ years later.

Now: I had borrowed money to fix my car and paid my oldest within the next 30 days. When she borrowed some money for various things from, well I’m still waiting several months later. She bought her boyfriend a $150 tattoo and now she just left to buy him shorts because he doesn’t have very many. I’m sorry, pay back the people that you owe THEN pay for other people’s shit! His story keeps changing. First he has a job then it changes to he works when he needs money to the latest of “he filled out applications today”. I am not impressed. At first I kind of respected her boyfriend but now, not so much…okay, not at all. 

Having a hard time making it a great couple days but it is my hope that you’re having success in doing so.



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