The unveiling of my chest

My mom took me to my appointment this morning but wouldn’t go back with me. Probably tired, at least that’s what I’m telling myself. As doctor Lawrence took the dressings off I could feel the tightness from my chest lesson immensely because they were so tight. After he explained the after surgery care and finished taking out the tubes and covering them with bandages I looked at my new and improved chest. He sewed the nipples on to make them appear more masculine which is fine with me. They are discolored but that is normal until my body ‘takes to them’ because it is just like a skin graph. I noticed under my left arms where the incisions came together there is what is referred to as a wing. Basically, it sticks out more than it’s suppose to. I am hoping that as the swelling goes down so will the wing. The right side has a little one but it isn’t as noticeable. The incisions that were made under my breasts appear to have been super glued together instead of stitched. Dr. Lawrence told me that I can take a shower now (really missed those btw) but I’m scared at the same time that I’ll mess something up.

I’m going to play around a little with word press and see if I can add pictures and if so, how.

It was a great day for me today, how about for you?



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