One week post op

I’m changing the bandages on my nipples 2x daily. Mederma was a scar product that was highly recommended by a few transguys that I watch in YouTube so I started applying that 2x daily as well (same time that I change the dressing). I do not put it on the nipple though, only on the large incisions. The nipples are starting to turn a pretty pink (I’m Caucasian) so that’s a great sign.

I’ve had some pain under/behind my ribs that’ve been especially bad today. I notice that when I put slight pressure on it the pain eases but as soon as I take the pressure off the pain is stabbing and sharp once again. 

Under my left arm around were the incisions are  the sensation is different than what I am used to. It feels like when my foot falls asleep (before the tingling) and I try to rub it. I feel that I’m touching it but beyond that…nothing. I go back to Dr. Lawrence on Monday so we’ll see what he has to say about that. The front part there is a ton of sensation! I’ve never had this much sensation before!!

Also my back is liking me. I’m assuming it’s because I’m stooping a little because of the incisions on the front on y body. 

I’m going to take a pain pill because I can’t go much further in this kind of pain. I’ve tried holding out because I’ve heard that these types of pills can be habit forming and I do not want to go down that road, ever.

Go out and finish your great day!



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