Long freaking week

Last week my little one got taken to the hospital by ambulance and while that was happening my grandfather passed away. Then she got taken to a bigger and better hospital by helicopter to the intensive care unit.

A few minutes ago the oldest one dropped something on to a bowl that I received as a wedding present 12 years ago and chipped the lip of the bowl. She then had the nerve to yell that the thing that was dropped shouldn’t even have been there (it should be noted that she is the one that left it there weeks ago). I’m getting so sick and tired of her. I hit the toilet paper because she kept taking rolls to her boyfriends house instead of buying her own. Plates, bowls, and glasses I had to hide a long time ago because she dirties everything in the house, complains there’s nothing to eat off of so she uses cooking bowls because ‘everyone else dirtied the dishes up”.

I’ll try to explain more about what happened with my youngest soon. I am so far behind on school work and house work that I need to get that done first.



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