So I talked to the owner of my store about how I wanted to know what I was doing wrong and what I could improve on because I kept getting overlooked for management and I was very frustrated. He told me that he didn’t know I wanted it. Said the last time he knew I wasn’t interested and only worked 3 days a week. I wanted to tell him that was because the person he put in charge hated me and told him that. Instead I told him that I’d been trying to pick up hours. Lucky for me several hours had opened up this week at another one of his locations and I took all the days offered except 1 and only because I was scheduled at my store already during those hours. He is going to consider me for the job. I hope so because the 3 other candidates are…one gives away free food for cigarettes, one is almost 70 and while I love him dearly he’s slow as a turtle on weed, and the third told me today that no one listens to her. I am eager to bring my store back to its former glory. I’m ready to learn all that I can and help my coworkers to realize their full potential and exceed even their expectations. Each of them can do it and I hope I am able to motivate them.

I did it, I made today great, amazing even and I plan on doing the same tomorrow. I hope you do also.



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