Old Navy Customer Service SUCKS

Unbelievable. Old Navy customer service reps are complete idiots. I can’t change my phone number because my new number isn’t coming up with my  legal name. Funny, my previous phone number wasn’t even in my name yet they allowed me to put it on my account. I can’t change my name because their database doesn’t show that my social has that name. Even though it’s legally been Christian (through courts and the social security office) for forever now. I asked how long their database updates, every 5 years, every 10 years? He said it updates when the social security office gets updated information. I told him that was bull shit and he told me not to cuss that he’s not allowed to listen to that kind of filth. He asked me if I had pen and paper and I said for what. He wanted to give me the mailing address so that I could send in proof that my name was changed and that he had to send me a verification number through the mail in order to change my phone number. I told him that I didn’t want the address and that I would pay the bill when they changed my name and phone number. Probably too far but I’m sick and tired of looking at my dead name years after it was legally changed. I don’t use my card but maybe once or twice a year at most but when I do I am still forced to look at it. So frustrating and dysphoria inducing!! Maybe I will send in the information that they need but black out everything except my address and the exact sentence that says that I will now and forever be known as Christian. They don’t need anything else. They can suck it for all I care!

Sorry everyone, I tried to make it a good day, I really did. Then I had to go and try to change my information thinking it would be fairly easy.


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