I am in a competition for management, which I think is ridiculous, and the main manager for all the stores (technically she’s manager and I’m trying for assistant manager) asked if I would open her store a couple days a week. Lately I have become a night owl and her store opens at 6 (mine opens at 7). Grudgingly I said yes to prove my willingness and to get more hours. I hope it’s worth it. Her store is much busier during lunch hour which is nice. It’s a stand alone business which mine isn’t so the restrooms are much closer and I don’t have to share the restroom with other people (it’s one restroom with a locking door main door). I’m excited to do it, just don’t want the early hours. Yippy for work! I must add that if it weren’t for my friend willing to make sure my little one gets off to school on time this wouldn’t even be possible. So, shout out to my friend for all her help. 

If you don’t like something, change it.



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