Overwhelmed but content

I have been looking at my final paper for one of my classes that was due the 3rd. I’ve been looking at it since the 27th. The paper is worth 130 points and today is the last day I can turn it in. I honestly have no clue what to do and I’m stressed. I did the math and figured out that if I only get 1/2 of my needed points this unit I will still pass with a B- so I am not going to stress it. I feel awful ignoring it like this as this is the 3rd paper I’ve ever done but I just can’t at this point. These are my last 2 classes and I am burned out. I know getting my associates will feel great but until then, I just can’t. Working over 40 hours this week plus trying to do school work and still attempt to be somewhat of a good parent is difficult. Admittedly I am failing but they’re never here so it’s not entirely my fault. My oldest works so much and when she isn’t working she’s with friends or boyfriend and the little one spent all weekend with her friend from school so I didn’t get to see her at all. I am grateful that they have lives as I do to (sadly mine isn’t social) but I miss them. Maybe on my next day off I am telling the girls that all electronics will be turned off (not just on vibrate) and we are watching a movie or something together. I’d like to do it before the oldest leaves but don’t see how that will happen with her working nights and the little one at school during the day.

Ugh. On another note, it is nice to be able to afford my bills without having to go without other, much needed, things.



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