Stressful morning

Sunday little bit stayed over at a friends house from school so I turned off the alarms to wake up to get her off to school. This morning she wakes me up telling me that she’s really late for school. It’s a little after 9 and school starts at 9 but she usually eats at school at 8:20! I hurry her up with getting dressed, shove a pop tart in her hand and get to the car to send her to school. Just then my medication nurse shows up to refill my med machine. I totally forgot she was coming! I had to quickly get little bit to school and race home for the med nurse. As I’m leaving the house after my med nurse leaves I get a text from another manager saying she’s sending someone over for me to train tonight. As a treat to myself for not losing my stuff I am at McDonald’s waiting for my Big Mac. I have a 10 hour day ahead of me so this is going to be a long day.

Im going to go out and make it a great day and I hope you do as well!



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