I got a job offer from a company that does phone sales. I haven’t been on the phone in probably 17 years. I was terrible at it the first time but I need away from where I work now. I talked to the owner of my current job and he said he didn’t know I wanted management. Wtf?! I like what I do. It’s simple and keeps me busy. Mybhours, however, are all over the place. Some days I open, some days I close. I work every day, Sunday through Saturday. I’m guaranteed 5+ hours a week. My days off are never the same. If I switch companies my hourly pay will go down considerably but I will have 40 hours guaranteed. I will also have 2 set days off. So far I have myself dropping down to 2 days a week at my current job starting the 4th. This way in case the other job doesn’t work out I can stay at my current job. I feel bad leaving because my store is down employees because no one wants to stay and I don’t blame them. After 5 1/2 years I should be doing something more within this company.

Suggestions? Thoughts?



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