This is why I want to quit

I had sent a message to both my manager and his manager because I work at both stores with my availability for the whole month of November. They were: 1st: open-5; 2nd: open-close; 4th: open-close; 11th: open-2; 12th: open-2; 14th: open-2; 19th: open-5; 26th: open-2; 28th: open-2. I later said I could not work the 11th or the 14th. I got a call at 6:04 this evening from work that I missed. I called work back at 7:06 pm tonight to find out why thinking that someone had a question or something. Nope, apparently I was suppose to work at 6 tonight (note that today is the 8th). My manager was working (I assume because I understandably didn’t show up) so I talked to him. He said that he had me working tonight and Friday. It is a Wednesday night and I have classes on Wednesday night’s. I told him that I had sent him a text message, several, about my schedule and he responded to all. He looked it up on his phone and verified that I sent him my schedule on Saturday October 29th at 4:21 pm with my updates for the 11th on October 31st at 7:52 am and for the 14th on November 6th at 5:40 pm. If you can’t get the schedule right then you shouldn’t be scheduling people! If this had been his first offense then I’d probably let it go but since this is his 3rd, with just me, I am understandably upset with the situation.

Today was day 3 of training at my newest job. Tomorrow we are role playing calls. I hate role playing. Despise it. Oh well. Hopefully there’s less issues with this job because I really don’t want to have to find another job. It’s taken me a long time to go out and do this because I generally hate change. Either way, I’m going to make the best of it.

Since it’s night where I am I am going to hope that you all went and made it a great day.



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