Crappy birthday 

Little back story, I stopped smoking in February when I had to have septoplasty done. Anyway, I started again this past Thursday (3 days ago). My oldest came over and took my youngest somewhere. I laid down for a nap and when they got back they had ice cream for me. My oldest says, “Why’d you start smoking? I’m not mad but why?” After admitting to smoking again she starts to lecture me about how bad it is and asking me why I even stopped just to start again…blah blah blah. I’m sorry, but don’t you think I already know the freaking health hazards?! I don’t even want to be here with her right now. She won’t leave. She said she has birthday presents but won’t give them to me because ‘she has a plan’. Just leave me the f alone and go away. I totally hate having anyone in my life with bipolar. I can never, ever do anything right no matter what I do. Don’t even know why I try because I know it’ll just be wrong.


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