Graduation Night

I finished my Associates in Business Administration a couple months ago and tonight is my graduation ceremony. Out of all my friends and family my kids are the only ones that are coming. I ain’t gonna lie, I am really hurt. I worked really hard for this. I feel like I’m being shut out and ignored as if my accomplishments mean nothing. I am glad that my children are able to be here for me. They mean the world to me. One friend and her wife cannot make it and their reason is extremely valid. I feel alone and depressed. On a day that is suppose to be a joyous time I am sad and depressed. I am going to save myself the money when I graduate with my Bachelors and not bother to buy a cap and gown. I’m not going to walk across the stage. I will accept my diploma through the mail and be just as proud of myself as I am right now. I mainly did this all (the cap, gown, and stage) for my friends and family so they could share in the celebration. At least my kids are going to be here. I can’t stress enough how much that means to me.

I’m determined to make this a great day regardless!



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