Hate my job

Got paid Friday. My boss is the only person in the free world that still issues paper checks to employees. Couldn’t find mine yesterday so my manager said he’d look for it and text me because I was leaving for the day. Nothing from him so I asked again last night and he said he’d ask around. Still nothing from him so I texted him a little after 2pm and he just got back to me, 3 1/2 hours later saying that no one has seen it since Friday night and he would call payroll tomorrow to put a stop payment on it and reissue it. WTF! Now, if someone took it, they have my full name, address, net and gross pay for the year, and the last 4 of my SSN. What more do they need to ruin my life?! Why can’t Ken, the owner, just shell out the money for direct deposit like every other store in our area that isn’t owned by him?! I have so many complaints about him. Why can he not do this, or pay for stuff to get fixed or replaced when they need it? Why are vendors telling us repeatedly that we have to pay cash because his checks are bouncing or that he hasn’t paid in 2+ months? Why does our telephone and internet get shut off for the same reason? Why has management been told on a couple of different occasions that he may not have the money to pay them when it’s payday? Why do we, as little itty bitty employees, have to beg constantly for reviews and raises? We’re suppose to be reviewed at most every 12 months. It’s been 15 since I got my last raise which I had to ask him 3 times for. Why are new hires getting started at just below what I make and I’ve been there damn near 6 years?! Why doesn’t he just sell us to someone that knows wtf they doing? Sick and tired of his crap. He’s all nicety to our face but treats us as if we don’t mean anything. He’s losing a strong worker in the next couple of weeks and if I find another job that works with my hours I’m leaving too. He’ll be lucky if he gets a notice. F him and his high horse! If his family didn’t spend hundreds on a school dress plus shoes and God knows what else he could afford shit. I work with my manager tomorrow and I’m pissed at him too. Just got a text from him that says, “Your ssn isn’t on your check. All they would have is your name and address. I will look again tomorrow but we’ve already looked at all the usual places”. There should be one f-ing place…ONE!! And yes, the last 4 is one there you stupid arse, been with the company 8 months, old arsed idiot! I feel my blood pressure rising just thinking of it. I replied, “Pretty sure it has my last 4 digits. With my full name and address that’s all anyone would need” then another “It’s whatever. Don’t care anymore what happens”. I hate this f-ing company ever since Ken took over 4 years ago. It’s gone downhill and it seems there’s no stopping that downhill spiral.


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