About to Quit!

Had it out with the owner of my store yesterday. We got paid on the 15th and somehow my check disappeared. I kept getting told by my manager that the owner would only take a couple of days. Yesterday the owner came in to do who knows what and I asked him if he had brought my check. He’s like, are you sure you didn’t pick it up? I said that I didn’t even come in the Friday that we got paid because I opened the next day so I was just going to get it then. Then he tells me that there is a $30 cancellation fee for the check before he can issue another one while looking at me expectantly. I asked if he expected me to pay it and he says, “Someone has to”. Ummm, no, you’re the owner, you’re the idiot that doesn’t have direct deposit, and it’s not my job! Then he asks if I can wait until this Friday when we get paid again. With as much attitude as I have (which is alot!)  I said, “Guess I’m going to have to, huh?!” and stormed away before I said or did something stupid. So help me, this job is not worth it! I don’t care that I don’t have another job lined up. If he keeps this s@#$ up, I am walking out on him. He doesn’t care about us as workers and thinks that we are replaceable no matter how long we’ve been here or how hard we work. I’m done.

Going to take some deep, calming breaths before I go in to work today and I am going to MAKE IT a great day regardless!



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