New Year

Woke up this morning and although the thermostat is set at 70F it’s only 65F. Hoping that furnace isn’t broken again. It’s too cold out (it’s currently -23F but feels like -42F) for the furnace to be breaking down. Hope this isn’t a prelude to how the year is going to be.

For New Year’s Eve I deep cleaned the kitchen. Spent the whole day on the counter tops alone but they look great now. Wiped everything down with tea tree oil to sanitize it so it smells nice also. Started on my reading for my law class and even had a few shots to bring in the new year. I went to bed early though, 11. Little bit crashed out around 8pm and was up at 5! I am grateful that little bit is old enough to keep herself occupied until I got up about 7.

My older one is having some car issues. Pretty sure she needs a new starter. She’s complaining about how she has a piece of crap car and wants to trade it in for something better because she’s tired of fixing things. Since she’s gotten the car almost 2 years ago she’s had to fix the ball joints on one side, muffler, and now starter. I told her that you can’t go trading in your car every time something goes wrong. These things happen, it’s part of having a car. I, on the other hand, have had to replace much more and have only had my car 6 months longer than her and hers is 5 years newer than mine. Ugh, children…even the adult ones. Ha ha.

I hope you all had a great 2017 and an even better 2018. Wow, first time writing that. Much easier than 2017 on the keyboard for me to write. Think I may like the new year.

Don’t just go MAKE it a great day, go MAKE it a great year!



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