Getting misgendered sucks

I work with the public. Yesterday I had several people call me ma’am and by the umpteenth time I looked at the guy in front of me and said, “What kind of cheese would you like ma’am?” He got real serious and a little upset and corrected me. So I countered with, “I’m sorry, I thought it must be opposite day since you called me ma’am”. He realized his mistake and apologized then said it was good that I had a sense of humor during times like that. I have a he/him pronoun button on the front of my work hat yet no one notices it. Tired of not passing. I’ve been on testosterone for almost 2 years and I still sound like a 12 year old girl. I’m just not starting to get sporadic facial hair. Ugh! This really messes with my dysphoria and I have no clue how to overcome it. I see guys on facebook that have been on testosterone for 4 months that have deep voices and facial hair yet here I am still looking and sounding like a girl!

Hoping today is better. It is a new day filled with endless possibilities after all. So, I am going to go out and make it a great day, are you?




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