So, I was rocking work this morning. Had everything done except tomatoes, cookies, and bread although bread was almost finished. Went to cut the first tomato in the slicer and got my finger instead. I could not get the bleeding to stop so I called my manager as I was the only one there. He told me to put out the “Be right back” sign, that he was on his way and to just leave and go to the doctor. Luckily my location is inside of another business so I asked the employees if they could tell any customers that came in that someone would be right with them and they agreed. I cut my finger around 9:00 this morning and it just finally stopped bleeding (it’s now almost 10 am). After looking at it I don’t think it’s too deep but I’m afraid to manipulate it to investigate further because I don’t want it to start bleeding again. Great start to my Saturday. Ugh!

Through it all I’m still determined to make today a great day, are you?



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