Scary Moment with ‘Lil Bit

Had a scare this morning. ‘Lil Bit was staying at a friend’s house last night. A little before 4 this morning the friend and her mom (Mrs. M) showed up at my house (she had called 3 times but I didn’t hear the phone) and told me that ‘Lil Bit had thrown up and wasn’t responding to them. I drove over there (they live 1/2 block away) and went up to the bathroom where she was. She had her head leaning against the tub, wasn’t responding to me when I called her name and I couldn’t see her face. When I turned her head toward me I noticed her eyes were shaking like they had back in August. I told Mrs. M to call 911. After the first responders showed up the EMT gave her a medication through her nose and seconds after the dose was administered the right side of her face went slack then started jerking. While in the ambulance on the way to the hospital they gave her a shot intramuscularly which was to stop the seizure (but didn’t) that also put her to sleep. She had the seizure for over 30 minutes. At the hospital they did a scan of her head, blood work, and took urine samples which all came back normal. After she woke up they made her eat some breakfast  to see how she did and then discharged her. We just made it home. We have to follow up with her neurologist at the University a few towns over again and I’m assuming she is going to go back on anti-seizure medication. I hope that they find out what is causing these. Any positive thoughts and prayers would be appreciated.



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