Curb meets bumper

Last night Lil Bit had a birthday party to go to so the oldest tags along in her car. We drop off Lil Bit and get into oldest child’s car. As she’s pulling away the curb apparently likes the bumper so much that it tries to keep it. Driving down the road she keeps hearing something. With me being born half deaf I don’t hear it. We pull over and I get out to look at the damage. The corner of the bumper is pulled away from the body of the car. We try to pop it back in but with no success. After the party I have her take her car back to my house and get under the car as much as possible. It’s a low lying car and I’m a big man so I’m sure it would’ve been humorous to watch. I was able to zip tie the bumper to the frame a little using little holes that weren’t being used. It’s not a permanent fix by any means but it’ll work until she can get it repaired. We’re going to my parents house later to see if my dad can do anything. Until then, homework, ugh! 😆

Go out and make it a great day everyone!



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