The Real Liebster Award Questions

It was brought to my attention recently that I answered the wrong questions. I apologize for this and wish to give you the correct questions that I have been given to answer. Thank you again Ailanthus Altissima for noticing this oversight on my part! Please go check out their page and subscribe! They have excellent content!

It was recently brought to my attention that I answered the wrong questions when answering on my last entry regarding ‘My First Liebster Award’ and for that I apologize to that creator. Here is a list of the correct 10 questions that were asked of me: 


  • What is your favorite color and what does it mean to you? 

My favorite color is actually two out together. I adore burple! Blue and purple make the most amazing color, at least in my opinion.  


  • What prompted you to start blogging and/or writing? 

I didn’t come out until later in life (35) as transgender. I found that there isn’t much out there for help for the “older” people who need to transition. That and I was told that I post too much on Facebook so I stopped Facebook and started blogging. Made more sense anyway. 


  • What was the most significant journey you’ve been through? 

I have been through many journeys my life but I think that being a parent is the most significant journey I’ve ever challenged myself with. While it’s very rewarding, it is also very difficult. “Rules” change constantly with the growth and age of my children. Second, I believe, is transitioning from female to male, especially at such a late stage in my life. There is very little information out there for the “older” generation and even less help (at least in my area). 


  • Who’s your greatest adversary? 

My greatest adversary is myself. I am my own worst critic.  


  • If you could conceptualize yourself as anything other than a human being, what would you be? 

I’m thinking a house cat. They can be cuddly and lovey one minute then BAM! They can be total jerks the next minute and it is acceptable because that is just their nature, how they are. When they go through that phase then decide they want love it is freely given. 


  • How would you describe your safe space? If you don’t have one, what do you imagine it might be like? 


I have some paranoia issues that I am working through so in my mind there is no ‘safe space’. That being said, if I had to choose one place it would be either my home or my parents’ home.  


  • What is your favorite website? 


There are so many that I cannot choose just one so here is a list of some of my top favorites: & (these two rank equally) 


These are in no way in any certain order. I love them all! Pretty sure I am a YouTube junkie 🤣

 What type of media resonates most with you? 

 I was going to say that I get most of my information from lots of sources, which is true, but my main source is YouTube/internet. If you know which places are all about “fake news” or “likes, subscribers, etc.” you can stay away from those and get good quality information from the sources that are not all about that.  

 Do you have any background/education/experience you feel benefits your blog? 

 Growing up trans (although not out until much later) I was able to get the experience to talk about those issues and what they mean to me. I, in no way, speak for all people of transgender experience, just myself. I have a degree in Cosmetology and my Associates in Business Administration. I was 1 day shy of graduating massage therapy and have taken some classes in ASL (American Sign Language). With most of these classes I had to take writing courses and/or write papers. This helped to sharpen my writing skills. 

 On a scale of 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest) how would you rate your ability to empathize? 

 I would rate myself at an 8. I say this because while I can empathize, and even sympathize in some cases, I cannot fully understand each situation in the way that helps me to either empathize or sympathize. I wish I had an example for you but alas, I do not. 

It’s another sunny, frigidly cold day here in my city but I am bound to make it a great day today and I hope that you are able to do the same. Have a super, great day everyone! 



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